Team Building

We are experienced in building successful teams from all stages of their development and at all levels of an organisation to achieve goals, deliver projects and/or agreed priorities.

Various techniques and tools can be used to:

  • identify the strengths and areas of development for the team
  • identify and develop the roles and responsibilities of the team members
  • identify the stage of development at which the team is at and action plan to develop the team further
  • develop a vision for the team
  • identify what makes a successful team
  • design a team from scratch
  • deal with conflict within the team
  • develop effective communication within the team
  • problem solve in the team
  • develop creativity in a team

Belbin's Team Roles and personality tests, including Hogan's Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) and Hogan's Development Survey (HDS) can be used to build teams.